Library Blogs: Why are they used?

I visited three library blogs: The Castilleja School Library, A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet, and Librarian By Day. These library blogs are not only created as a resource for students and teachers to find books and search databases, but they can also be used to display student work, resources for new teachers, and even promote the use of digital technology. The librarians in these three different schools wanted to share their knowledge.

The Castilleja School Library blog is a blog completed by the director of library and information services at the Castilleja School. The blog provides resources for students from links at the top of the site. There are also other links beneath the blog title that include things students should know, cool stuff, new books, and even videos. This library blog is directed towards students and serves as a resource for them.

A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet is a blog created by Julie Greller, a Media Specialist and reader. Unlike the Castilla School Library blog, A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet is a reference for teachers. Julie has compiled interesting artifacts from her reading travels. The blog includes sites that have lesson plans for teachers of all different grade levels, sites that have free giveaways, sites to create your own infographics, and even sites that have resources for new teachers. Julie has provided a lot of information that is organized so that it is very easy to use.

Librarian By Day is a blog created by Bobbi Newman. Bobbi’s blog includes tons of posts in which she reflects on different digital and technology based services. She also includes a lot of information and posts on ebooks. Her blog is aimed at all people. She addresses topics that students, parents, and teachers would be interested in. She even includes a page that has presentations that she has made on digital technology. Her site could be used as a resource, but also for personal use.

All three blogs that I visited had different audiences. The first was aimed more towards students, the second, teachers, and the third was directed at all people. On the other hand, they all shared the common trait of being a way for media specialists to share their knowledge with others. They were all sites that were organized and presented their information clearly so that people could easily access it. I believe that they even used their blogs for professional development, especially the blog that included resources for new teachers. It showed teachers what things were effective and how to incorporate them into the classroom. I am not interested in becoming a librarian, but just as these librarians have used blogs, I want to have a classroom blog. I want it to be a resource for my students.

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  1. I really like how your links are set up. Working on my posts, I just pasted the address but I don’t like how it looks. I wanted mine to look more like yours. Great job on it so far!

  2. Nice blogsite!!! I love that you have your picture at the top! Too cute! I wanted to check out the Castilleja School Media Site. It is a very happy site! It is very busy but I agree that it does a good job of giving resources to students. It has lots of pictures and has student work as well! This site is doing a great job! And you are too! I have NOT started using a blog with my class yet. I am inspired and almost don’t know where to start!

  3. Exactly a month later, here I am again! I definitely love the links. Is this a hyperlink? Do you type the word and then hyperlink the link with a right click on the word? I’m sorry if this seems like a silly question!!??!

  4. Yup, all I do is highlight the word I want to link and then hyperlink it to the site I want. It is very easy and then you don’t have the long url address in your learning log response.


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